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Our Treatments
Whatever your lifestyle or sporting activity a painful condition or injury can limit activity and needs to be treated. An early treatment will ensure a minimal post injury inactive period and permit an earlier recovery.

An individual exercise programme combined with additional therapies e.g. manual therapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs will help prevent further recurrences. Our chartered physiotherapists will take a concise history followed by a comprehensive assessment to determine the nature of the problem and the underlying structure at fault.

Women's Health Physiotherapy focuses on issues related to Obstetrics and Gynaecology, these compromise continence problems, ante-natal and post-natal care including weak pelvic floor, musculoskeletal problems and general information regarding pregnancy, labour and post-natal problems. Here at Action Physio we appreciate the sensitivity around women's health related issues and the importance of providing a professional, discreet, comfortable and private environment in which women can seek advice and treatment. Confidentiality is assured at all times.
This is a treatment method which carefully moves soft tissues and joints to permit normal mobility to muscular, joint and nervous structures. It comprises manipulation, massage mobilisation, passive stretching and other related techniques.
We use a range of therapies including ultrasound, interferential and electromagnetic energy to decrease pain and swelling and enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms.
Each patient will receive a specifically designed exercise programme to promote a return to full function. The programme will be prescribed by a chartered physiotherapist who will supervise and guide your progression. You will be carefully monitored in our fully equipped gymnasium. Whatever your individual requirements are we aim to cater for general everyday activity needs to elite sporting requirements. The programme will comprise exercises to correct postural problems, improve strength, co-ordination, control and stability.
This technique is hundreds of years old and can help reduce pain and spasm to allow normal mobility and function.
Poor alignment of the foot can result in problems further up in the kinetic chain e.g. foot, knee, hip and back. Assessment of your foot position and necessary prescription of orthotics (corrective foot insoles) can optimise foot position and promote ideal posture and reduce abnormal strain on musculoskeletal structures.

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